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Friday, May 7, 2010

What you can do with RM 6,000.00 Capital

Well if you have RM 6,000.00 what you can do with it:-

Low Risk: I will put in the Bank for Fixed Deposit Account ( 2.25% p.a for 1 month, 2.75%p.a for 1 year), beside that I will put in Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 ( 6.3%p.a for 1 year)

Medium Risk: I will put in the Mutual Funds that can generate stable income ( Fixed income funds ), beside that I will invest in some investment that can give a stable returns in medium to long run such as Water Dispenser Machine.

Here is the main point I wish to share out. For example, the machine cost RM 6,000.00, monthly expenses rental RM 150.00, maintenance like changing filters,etc RM 100.00 ( estimate 10% on collection ), monthly collection RM 1,000.00, net collection is RM 750.00. You just need 8 months to return on your capital RM 6,000.00. On the 9th month onward, you are gaining RM 750/mth net so where can you get such a good returns. I means giving you 150% p.a returns if the machine really can give the above collections.

For more details, you can contact my agent, Sandy Kee, 017-293 1699,, as this agent can share his knowledge and experience with you and very friendly, no harm or forcing to buy, because I know sharing out is better than you keeping in yourself .

Beside the water machine investment, I found another investment that can give a stable returns for term 3 years. That is investing in an ice cream company running "rainbow" trade mark brand. For more information can look at

High Risk: I will put in the share market ( Blue shares like Public Bank, Nestle, Digi,etc )

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