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Monday, May 29, 2017

Nu Vending Bescafe Coffee Cold

My above machine booked 1 unit on 28/05/2017, so anyone interested to advertise or promote their premixed product can contact 011-12885539 / 018-2041588 or email to for details. Budgeted the machine will be place at Bangsar South, Takaful Insurance Bhd.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pool Funds to buy Public Bank Bhd (1295) PBBANK at KLSE

Dear friends,

Just wonder my plan on pool funds to buy Public Bank Bhd shares (1295) PBBANK at KLSE can run or not? It just a trust or mutual agreement, if no trust then you can try up by yourself to buy in market through brokers or online.

As in the KLSE market, min you need to buy 100 units ( 1 lot = 1,000 units ) at current closed price 06/02/2017 at RM 20.18 per lot means 100 units you need to pay RM 2,018.00 before the brokerage charges, stamping fee, clearing fee, GST, etc

So at here, I open pool funds to buy up Public Bank Bhd share (1295) PBBANK under my HLeBroking account if you wish to join the pool funds. If you interested can email me at or WhatsApp 01112885539, thanks.

HLeBroking site:

Public Bank Bhd pass history records you can view here:

Reason why I choice Public Bank Bhd:
As most of the stock I invested for past 20 years, Public Bank Bhd shares can give me assurance on the steady market price and stable dividends declaration. But the choice are at your own hands if you wish to invest in other shares, we still can shared our view here.

As my stock PBBANK in HLeBroking as at 07/02/2017 got 2,200 units so the pool funds available is RM 44,396.00 ( RM 20.18/unit x 2,200 units )

As the funds hold by me, so any transactions in or out (buy or sell) will follow the day before closing market price, I will charge 1% for processing fees on units below 100 units, whereas 100 units and above need to follow normal transactions charges plus 1% processing fees, except dividend interest.

Eg1: Deposit RM 1,000.00 on 07/02/17, will follow 06/02/17 market closing price at RM 20.18/unit
So funds available = RM 990.00 after 1% processing fee RM 10 only
So units available = 49.06 units ( RM 990.00 / RM 20.18/unit )
So dividend interest = RM 15.70 ( RM 0.32/unit x 49.06 units ) as declared on 02/02/17 and EX on 16/02/17, after EX means no more dividends and the market price will reduce by RM 0.32/share but normally it will maintain at the current market price or drop a bit only by history.

Eg2: Deposit RM 3,000.00 on 07/02/17, will follow 06/02/17 market closing price at RM 20.18/unit
So funds available = RM 2,970.00 after 1% processing fee RM 30 only
So units available = 147.18 units ( RM 2,970.00 / RM 20.18/unit )
Out / Sell time follow normal transactions charges plus 1% processing fee.

Dividends interest received under PBBANK declaration will distribute back to investors bank account.

When pool funds available to buy 100 units, I will buy it and inform investors.
All transactions will disclose with slips from HLeBroking to investors.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Enduro Motor Oil SAE 15w40 4L

Enduro Quality Motor Oil SAE 15w40 4L for sale at RM 59.00, self collection at Glenview Villa Apartment, Taman Pinggiran Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. Please WhatsApp to 01112885539 to check availability as the stock are limited. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

JJ Poor to Rich Investment

Passive INCOME with CAPITAL USD 25,
Please PM, email: or WhatsApp to 01112885539 for more details.
INCOME from USD 5 to unlimited /monthly
·         Got commission 5% for introduce new members
·         MUST be AGE 18 and above
·         ABLE to use internet with email and WhatsApp, etc
·         Can get 18 COUNTRIES MEMBERS

For registration, can follow this link:
Video JJPTR:

After registered, Can WhatsApp to me 01112885539 to follow up the STATUS. Thanks.

So if you still worry, you can join the min USD 25 (RM 117.50) and get an ID to view all the information by yourself as results show everythings.

For updates, I just got my first payment on 13/03/17 RM 21 as I just invested USD 25 on 01/02/17
    Just pass nine (9) weeks the total number of members increase from 271,425 to 405,532 about increase 134,107 members average 2,129 members per days join in JJPTR over 18 countries

Just pass three (3) weeks the total number of members increase from 271,425 to 330,235 about increase 58,810 members average 2,673 members per days join in JJPTR over 18 countries.

Just pass two (2) weeks the total number of members increase from 271,425 to 309,675 about increase 38,250 members average 2,732 members per day join in JJPTR.  

Just pass a week the total number of members increase from 271,425 to 288,432 about increase 17,007 members average 2,429 members per day. So what are you waiting for, join early and get returns back early.

As you need to follow the link above 39471 SEE YUN LEONG, only I can monitor your registration status, Thanks.

News update on the JJPTR investment:

06/04/17 3.34pm Capital + Profit USD 411,054,365.22
                          Capital             USD 324,364,710.50
                          Remain Funds  USD     7,183,184.67
                          Total members                 405,532
                          Current member No 455541 from China USD 600

28/02/17 5.03pm: Capital + Profit USD 257,564,879.51
                            Capital            USD 235,687,782.16
                            Remain Funds USD   27,356,134.34
                             Total members               330,235
                              Current Member No 380244 from Malaysia USD 1,000

20/02/17 5.38pm: Capital + Profit USD 252,109,410.13
                           Capital             USD 235,687,782.16
                            Remain Funds USD   10,424,369.34
                            Total members               309,675
                            Current Member No 359684 from Malaysia USD 1,000 

13/02/17 12.13pm: Capital + Profit USD 244,290,861.05
                             Capiatl             USD 218,853.270.50
                              Remain Funds USD    10,200,762.66
                              Total members                288,432
                              Current Member No 338441 from China USD 400

06/02/17 12.03pm: Capital + Profit USD 207,369,715.76
                             Capital             USD 205,602,365.50
                            Remain Funds   USD     8,026,360.66
                            Total Members                 271,425
                             Current Member No 321434 from China USD 1,000        

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Appointment Letter for new employee from Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Bangi

At here I wish to thank you to Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Bangi, that willing to share the Simple Appointment Letter and Guild Rules for Employment.

Appointment Letter as below:

Employment Guide as below:

Monday, November 14, 2016


Dear friends,

If you wish to register for e-PCB, you can register here:
Go to New User and key-in all the information and email to or call 03-62091000 Ext 123918 or attend the LHDN taklimat on e-PCB

This e-PCB for company or business that manually submission on PCB deduction to LHDN. It so useful and easy when you sign up for e-PCB.

Thanks to LHDN to organised this Talikmat on e-PCB.