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Monday, April 12, 2010

Water Machine Dispenser

Option 1
Looking for investors who wish to join venture in the water machine dispenser business. Projected 7% p.a. returns for 3 years. After 3 years, can take back 100% investment or re-invest for 20-30% p.a. returns.

Hi there, if anyone wish to invest do let me know as I got a machine, collections about RM 200/week wish to share out 50% of it collection out for the investors returns.

Example: Investor A invest RM 2,000.00, Cost for the new machine RM 16,000.00 so Investor A can share 12.5% on the 50% weekly collections about RM 200/week. So monthly profit sharing is RM 50/mth, RM 600/year. So it about 30% p.a returns on your RM 2,000.00 invested.

As you put in the bank, they also only can give 2.8% p.a. So maybe for who is interested maybe can think about it. Thanks.

(Above option is suitable to whom wish to get a fixed rate of returns and less risk)

Option 2
Providing services on taking care the machine :
  • Collecting coins to pay the rental, maintenance, etc
  • Report on collections n returns
  • Monitoring the machine collections n maintenance by the provider
  • (Above option is suitable to whom wish to take risk but no time for taking care the collections n all the maintenance matters)
Option 3
Who wish to owe the machine alone. Please leave down your contact so I can ask my agent to contact you directly for the whole machine flows so I can earn some commission on the recommendation.
(Above option is suitable to whom got time n wish to take risk same as me here)

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