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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arowana Investment

Dear Friends,

I wish to introduce an investment on Malaysian Golden Arowana, as the project cost RM 240,000 in a pond got 16 fishes, 6 males n 10 females (prices may increase to RM 256,000 in Jun'2010 as the fishes also increase in prices according to my supplier) . Any amount will do, base on your own financial support can effort, if less than 5% maybe can join into my portion as I wish to invest RM 20,000 in the project too. For your information, this is like capital guarantee investment as the supplier will bare the cost if the fish die or loss at the pond.

For estimate calculations:-
  • Cost RM 24,000 (10%)
  • Contract tenure 5 years
  • No worry on maintenance, manpower n marketing too as the supplier will bare all the worries for us
  • Normal harvest 1 female can give out 40 small fishes
  • Sharing 50:50, Supplier & investor
  • Revenue 2 month / harvest RM 4,000 (20 small fishes x RM 2,000 x 10%)
  • Revenue 6 harvest / year RM 24,000
Above estimate just for 1 female only but if 2 or more females giving out small fishes too then is different calculations already as the pond got 10 females.

If interested do sms me your name & location to 016-221 0659, then I will ask my supplier to contact you. Thanks.

From pass information:-

Arowana Investment from M U Arowana Aquaculture, Bukit Merah
  • package RM 256,000 per pond of 16 fishes. Newly mature. As the investors said the 2nd harvest also no results (ie 1 harvest every 2 months therefore 4 months) but sometime it depends on the luck too maybe some ponds maybe give out results too in the 1st harvest.
  • package RM 360,000 per pond of 20 fishes. Mature and give baby fishes before. So more recommended to invest in the package as the 1st harvest also got 35 baby fishes within 2 months.
If you don't wish to invest in the ponds, maybe you can try to rare the baby fish about 3-4" about RM 1,800-2,000 each then wait until 2 1/2 to 3 years later you can sell them about RM 16,000-18,000 each as there is current market value but 2 to 3 years later I am sure the prices may increase also.

Easy calculation if I invest RM 20,000 in pond or rare from small fish, duration 3 years.

In pond
  • income RM 24,000 x 3 years = RM 72,000
  • no additional cost incurred
Rare small fishes
  • income RM 18,000 x 10 small fishes = RM 180,000
  • foods, space & expertise in maintenance cost, etc
Conclusion: Can you see the differences if you don't compare them out.

Contact of some introducers on the Arowana farms I got or contacted before:
  • Muhammad Luqmanul, 013-997 3858
  • Banyamin Hj Rabiee, 019-205 7353
  • En Zaini, 017-440 6359
  • Alang, 019-313 3888
  • Ben, 019-578 0888
  • Farhan, 019-557 7666

Hope the information that I share out can benefit others too.


flowerhorns said...

hi everyone,

i would like to invest in this arowana farm.

how much would it cost me to start?
Does this mean i need to wait for 3 years to get my profit?

Anyone with info pls email me at


ymmobile said...

hi flowerhorns, can I know your budget and contact number so I can ask the farmer to call you directly to suite your budget.

Blogger said...

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