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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Easy Pha-max MEP EC

Dear friends,

If you or your friends got use Easy Pha-max products, do let me know as my side here got an account worth RM 6,000.00 wish to sell off. Thanks

For your udpates, as yesterday 12/01/2013 I went to the HQ Puchong Easy Pha-max, there are limit stocks for points redemption, hope you all can exchange your points as soon as posibble.

Or maybe you can try to redempt it online too at...
as I just drop by HQ Puchong don't know above site can do what u wish or not...
all the best.


Sharon said...

I got Rm3800.00 product to sell off too. I can offer 50% off.

ymmobile said...

wow 50% off, y u can cut so much? as u also think Easy Pha-max products r not good to use.

Blogger said...


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