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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't use your post-paid line (DIGI) as Modem

For advise don't use your post-paid line (DIGI) as Modem coz I try before as the charges damn unbelievable if you wish to try them up too. I just use for 2 days less than 8 hours each day, can you guess what the charges they told me?

1st day RM 500++ and 2nd day RM 400++, the good things they told me although you use up to RM 5,000++ but you only need to pay RM 149, how can this things happen as my limit just RM 500, how can they give me use up to RM 900++?

Is that means, DIGI won't scare they cannot collect back the charges or is that they always over charges us as user?

So last voice is just don't use it again as your modem or now onwards, we need to check our phone bills too, as they may charge us more as what we are not using them too.

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