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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Arowana Fish

Hi, on 09.06.2010 I bought my 1st Silver Arowana (SV) at Jalan Pudu Pasar for RM 20 with RM 2 ikan longkang and it about 8 cm long and it swim happy in the aquarium at my apartment.

on 24.06.2010 I bought another round RM 2 ikan longkang as food for my SV, well it really growth fast as now it about 14 cm long already, just about 2 weeks time only.

on 09.07.2010 I bought another round RM 2 ikan longkang as food for my SV , now it about 21cm already. Wow about 1 mth only it can growth 13 cm ...

on 23.07.2010 I bought another round RM 2 ikan longkang as food for my Arowanas, as today added another 2 pcs HiBack Arowana(HB) RM 700 each about 10cm.The body of the HB is redish in colour with little black spots at it tails too . But the Silver Aro not growling as it still maint at 21cm but the pricing at Pasar Pudu now selling at RM 40 for the baby silver when the time I bought at 8cm. The price increase by double from RM 20 to RM 40. Nothing special, is about the same size when I bought my SV too.

on 28.07.2010 I got to buy a new 2 feet tank for SV, as HB and SV better not to add togather, so SV new tank RM 23 pump RM 15 ikan longkoang RM 2

on 29.07.2010 I bought the partition for HB as small they also like to fight each other, so partition for 2 feet tank RM 5, holder 4 RM 2, ikan longkang RM 2 for SV at new tank. SV and HB still remain at 21cm and 10cm at the moment.

on 03.08.2010 I bought RM 2 ikan longkang for my Aros, they quite good eater too as 07.08.2010 I bought another RM 2 ikan longkang for them too. As now a days they growth slowly already SV about 22cm whereas HB about 12cm only.

on 10.08.2010 I bought RM 2 ikan longkang, 14.08.2010 another RM 2 ikan longkang now seem they growth slowly with no changes SV 22cm n HB 12cm also.

on 30.08.2010 I bought RM 2 udang, 01.09.2010 another RM 2 udang n 05.09.2010 try on baby koi, RM 2 @ 24 ekor, so each aro got 8 each, SV like so much the 1st finish all the baby koi whereas HB like new on the baby koi slow abit about 2 days only finish them.

on 07.09.2010 I bought RM 2 @ 30++ ekor baby koi maybe this time they r smaller. on 09.09.10 bought RM 2 @ 30 ekor baby koi size bigger but HB still manage to eat them, when HB eat their mouth really can open bigger to catch the baby koi at 1st drop the baby koi the HB eat them I still can c the baby koi head but when HB bite again it was no more....the size of SV 24cm @ 9 1/2 inch still remain the same but the HB got growth to 14cm @ 6 inch, this HB look like got gold base quite big eatter but saiz smaller than the other HB, the farmer said maybe is female, whereas another HB at 16cm @ 6 1/2 inch. now HB lower fin n tail too can c red in colour whereas the head to back tail can c grey colour some times.

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