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Monday, July 18, 2016

SQL Financial Accounting System

Dear friends,
If you need to get quotation on above products, do WhatsApp to 01112885539 or email to, your company name and nature of business with user applicable.

Basic Package available:

  1. SQL Financial Accounting System cover with Main module: General Ledger, AP (Supplier), AR (Customer) & Cash Book. Print Ledger report, Profit & Loss Report, Trial Balance, Journal Entry, Payment Voucher & Official Receipt and Bank Reconciliation. Sales & Purchases System: Generate all type of documents: Quotation, SO, DO, Invoice, Cash Sales, DN, CN, Purchase Return, PO, Good Receive Note, Purchase Invoice & Cash Purchases.
  2. SQL Financial Accounting-GST Module: Auto generate GST-03 form, GAF file (GST Audit file), GST listing report, GST Lampiran 2 Report, Full Tax Invoice, Simple Tax Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Purchase Invoice (self biling), DO and deposit 21 days rule, Gift rule, 6 months Bad Debts Relief.
  3. Built in feature: 
  • Max 5 company, 
  • Budgeting, Project/Dept Account, 
  • Export to MS Office, Jpeg, html, pdf, excel & etc
  • Unlimited shipping & branches address
  • Advance drill from anywhere down to the source document
  • Come with one (1) user access license
  • Training on site 1 session (3 hours) for unlimited number of trainees.
  • Unlimited Off-site Training @ office by appointment. Caller or the person who enquirers must be the trainees who have attended the on-site training.
  • One Year Maintenance: Trouble shooting of software problem solving using telephone, fax, email, online service via internet,etc

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