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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Maxis Business Fibre Plan (Dynamic IP) Vs Telekom Biz Advance Plan

Dear friends, 

As now Maxis having it promotion, if you swift from TM Unifi before end of your contract terms 24 months, Maxis will absorbed the penalty of RM 500 according to the sales person. 
For my side, just a single user at the moment, it quite waste to subscribe the TM Biz Advance Plan 30Mbps for free Simple Voice Plus 50 with monthly RM 299, but now with Maxis Business Fiber Plan 8Mbps with monthly RM 174.40 plus RM 10 for a fixed line with free calls too.
So if your case same as mine here, it better change the plan to save in future if you done mind to get slower internet of 8Mbps.

TM Unifi Biz Advance Plan 30Mbps (no choice as it lowest plan for biz)
24 months x RM 299 = RM 7,176

Maxis Business Fiber Plan 8Mbps (ok for 3-8 users)
24 months x RM 174.40 = RM 4,185.60

Can save RM 2,990.40 or 41% if I still continue using TM Biz Advance Plan 30, as we consumers need to do our best budget and save for business too, of course it not apple to apple, because it base on your own requirements.

Update for who wish to terminate the TM Unifi, please don't go to Taman Segar branch as it just do new line and cannot do the termination line, you need to go TM Point at Pandan Indah nearby the Maybank one only can do the termination and bring along the Wifi server together and TM will give you the penalty letter later.

Interested can check up on Maxis web-site or need service agent can Whats App to me at 
011-12885539, thanks.

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