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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Alkaline Antioxidant Water ( Lydia 7s )

Dear friends,

I wish to share out this message to whom is interested on the Alkaline Antioxidant Water under Alkalife Water ( (Since 1998) for Your First Step Towards Better Health. For this sharing, I can gain points if you bought the machine with reference to my name See Yun Leong or WhatsApp your interest to 01112885539, as I just bought the Lydia 7s on 08/05/2016. With all your help, hope I can upgrade to Lydia 9s soon and I can donate the Lydia 7s to whom it may be useful, as I think the kidney dialysis center will be useful too.

The Lydia Machine consist of:-

  1. 7/9 Slotted Platinum-Titanium Plates-The best grade platinum and titanium from the top metal manufacturer in Japan.
  2. Personalized pH and Antioxidant (ORP) Levels-Alkalife can help customize the pH/ORP combination best suited to the health needs of you and your family.
  3. Certified Water Safety with Smart Filtration Technology (SFT)-16 stages of filtration between 2 internal filters for removal of sediments, chlorine, gems, bacteria and viruses. Certified to be sulphite free and medical grade. Microchips in the filters monitor contamination levels and indicate exact time to change your filter.
  4. Reduce Heat, Noise & Power Consumption-New generation transformer-less design for a more energy efficient ionizer.
  5. No Supply Interruption-Cleans as you use. No waiting, just fresh, ionized water every time.
  6. One Touch Operation-Get ionized water with just one touch! No more messy tubes and cumbersome operation.
The Alkaline Water Discovery.
Long before attempts were made to create alkaline water, Dr Henri Coanda (father of fluid dynamics and Nobel prize winner at 78 years old) spent 6 decades studying water in the Hunza Valley. The Hunza people routinely lived to 120-140 years in good health with virtually no cancer or degenerative diseases. They were even able to bear children in old age. He discovered that water in the Hunza Valley had a high alkaline pH and an extraordinary amount of antioxidants. Scientists also discovered that water in other areas such as the Andes Mountains, Caucasus in Azerbaijian, Louvres in France, and Medina (Zam-Zam water) share very similar properties to that of the Hunza Water.

Recreating Hunza Alkaline Antioxidant Water.
In efforts to recreate Hunza water, Japanese scientist experimented with electrolysis technology. They found electricity could be used to restructure the water, thus giving it similar properties to Hunza water. The first water ionizers were large units used in hospitals. Today however, technology has improved to the point where ionizers are a lot more compact, convenient, and there are alternatives to using electrolysis. Our alkaline systems are certified by the Ministry of Health of Japan & Korea as medical devices with certs from FDA, ISO, and WQA among others.

Benefits of Alkaline Antioxidant Water.
  1. Help Maintain pH Balance-Ionization raises the pH of tap water from around 7 (neutral) up to pH 11.5 (alkaline). Ionized water acts as a solvent on acidic waste (such as fats, uric acid, cholesterol) stored in the body and dissolves it to be removed by the blood.
  2. Super Hydrates and Detoxifies Your Body-Ionization cuts the size of the water molecular cluster in half. This smaller cluster can penetrate the cellular membranes of the body easier, thus speeding up new tissue building and waste removal. The smaller clusters also means that alkaline water is more hydrating and help reduce wrinkles and keep the skin supple and smooth.
  3. Energizes You-Ionization adds oxygen rich OH- ions into the water. By drinking alkaline water, more oxygen is made available to enrich the blood which can increase one's level of energy and promote quicker healing.
  4. Keeps You Young and Slow Down Aging-The ionized OH- molecules have extra electrons that neutralize destructive free radicals circulating throughout the body and thus allow the natural healing process of the body to predominate, slowing down the aging process.
Information: Most of us have been told we need to drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. But if you recorded how much you actually drink, it most likely falls short. Many of our health problems are the result of dehydration. We have lost touch with our bodies many cries for water and have instead substituted food or other drinks for water. Ironically many of the liquids we choose like alcohol, sodas, coffee, and tea actually dehydrate the body, thus adding the problem. But here's a water that tastes great and it actually good for you!

Acidosis: What's Eating You.
Acidosis is the accumulation of acid in our body and is part of the natural process of metabolism and lifestyle factors. Acidic wastes not flushed out through sweat or urine are solidified into cholesterol, fat, urates, uric acid and oxalates (gout & stones). Early symptoms such as tenseness, lethargy, poor resistance and circulation can left unchecked lead to bigger problems.
Acidosis is the result of our modern affluent lifestyle. Environment pollution, food additives, chemical and emotional stresses also produces acidic body conditions that contribute to degenerative diseases and premature aging. Japanese scientists and medical studies in the United State have identified the accumulation of acidic wastes in our body as the underlying cause of degenerative diseases.
The only foods that are alkaline are organic, raw fruits and vegetables. If you diet consists of 80-100% organic fruits and vegetables eaten raw (uncooked, not steamed, not canned or packaged) then you can possibly maintain a proper alkaline environment. All national health authorities recommend eating 5 to 9 serving of fruits and vegetables every day may decrease their risk of cancer by 50% and their risk of heart disease by 33% compared to people who eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Eating 5 times a day may also reduce the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, gout, arthritis, and other chronic diseases.

How to get rid of acidosis?
You can eat a 80-100% organic and raw diet of fruits and vegetables. It might take a year or two years  to reach a proper pH.
OR you can drink Alkaline Ionized Anti-Oxidant water daily which is proven to reverse acidosis.

Common Acidosis Symptoms
  1. Overweight-Acid gets stored in fat cells. As defense, your body produces fat cells to be store the acid wastes at a safe distance from your vital organs.
  2. Joint Pain & Arthritis-When our body cannot get rid of excess acid quickly enough, it will be stored as uric acid around body joints.
  3. Low Energy & Chronic Fatigue-In an overly acidic environment, our oxygen level drop, leaving us tired and fatigued.
  4. Frequent Colds, Infections, Headaches-When our body pH is acidic, microbes in our respiratory system grows much more easily, also our immune system is weakened, resulting in the above.
  5. Heart Attack-Excess acidity causes bacteria / fungi to attach themselves to the inner walls of arteries. This will attract white blood cells, causing cells to clot and narrowing the artery, restricting the flow of blood.
  6. Osteoporosis-As our body become more acidic, our body takes calcium from the teeth, bones, and tissues, making them weak and brittle.
The Merits and Uses of Alkaline & Acidic Water

Acidic Water
  • Kills bacteria & viruses on contact
  • Works as an astringent to tighten skin
  • Excellent treatment for acne, eczema, and skin diseases
  • Helps heal cuts, blisters, scratches and rashes
  • Provides excellent relief from mosquito bites
  • Gargle with it to relieve sore throat and mouth ulcers
  • Extends life of cut flowers
  • Kills fungus, good for athlete's foot
  • Effectively remove plague from teeth
  • Helps heal diabetic ulcers
  • Relieves chapped hands and dry, itchy skin
Alkaline Water
  • Abundance of Antioxidants (ORP) combats free radicals
  • Highly oxygenated water boots stamina & metabolism
  • Ionized Calcium (Ca2+) build strong bones and teeth
  • Neutralizes uric acids and acidic toxic wastes
  • Promotes health and healing by restoring natural body pH
  • Smaller cluster water is the best natural carrier and delivery system of nutrition
  • Promotes intestinal floral and enhances good digestion
  • Hydrates body up to 3 times more effectively than normal filtered water
  • Removes pesticides / fertilizers in fruits and vegetables
  • Food cooked with alkaline water taste better

Here's the use of pH in Alkaline Ionizers.

Basically Alkaline water is for drinking/soaking fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides and acidic water is more for rinsing and external uses. But, here's some detail explanations.

Uses of water based on pH

pH 10.5/11 –  Highly alkaline and is a potent cleaning agent that can be used in place of detergents and cleansers.   It is a tremendous grease cutting agent.  After cleaning your surfaces with this water, it is recommended that you spray the pH 3-4 on the surface as an anti‐microbial, and then let it air dry.

pH 8.5-10 - Used for drinking

pH 6-5 – Beauty water has amazing astringent properties and is extremely good for the skin and hair.  Spray it on, splash it on, soak in it…but get it on your skin if you want to have the best looking/feeling skin around! Use it to replace your facial toner. Can be used to water plants as well.

pH 3-4 – Used for disinfecting, killing germs and bacteria. Use it to mop the floor, rinsing baby bottles instead of boiling as well.

Specific Uses

Fruits and Veggies‐ Soak (or spray on surface) in pH 3 for 2 to 3 minutes and stir water to work it into rough textured produce like lettuce, broccoli, etc. This kills microbes that might be on the produce.  When finished with this process soak in pH 10.5/11 for at least FIVE minutes to clean the produce, remove pesticides and herbicides, and enhance shelf life.
Laundry – Put pH 10.5/11 in the liquid detergent tank of your washer and wash just as you would with detergent but without the detergent.  Clothes come out cleaner and brighter than with detergents and for those with chemical sensitivities there are no side effects. 

Cleaning floors – (hardwood, ceramic tiles), windows, eyeglasses, washing dishes, and many other cleaning situations pH 3.

Acne / Eczema – Spray pH 3 and let it air dry. Drink enough alkaline water to assist your body in supplying antioxidants.
Cuts and scrapes – Anytime the skin has been torn I recommend that you spray on the pH 3 at least once a day.  This helps the immune system deal with the micro‐organisms like bacteria, viruses, etc. that may be able to get into the body through the hole in the skin.  Then soak the wound or scrape (it may be easier to soak a cloth and apply to the area instead) for at least 3 minutes in pH 5-6 and allow it to air dry.

Sunburns – If the sunburn is not severe enough for medical treatment spray the pH 10.5/11 on the skin or soak a cloth in this water and apply to sunburned area. When you are finished with that session spray pH 5-6 on the entire area and let it air dry before covering with clothing. Repeat as desired.
Sore Throats – When one has a sore throat we’ve learned that gargling with pH 3 for 3 or 4 times per day works extremely well.

Mouthwash – use the pH 3 to swish and gargle with as a mouthwash to destroy bacteria and other micro‐organisms with exposure times of less than a minute.  It’s the bacteria breaking down the foods in your mouth that produce the acids that cause tooth decay. 

Cooking – pH 8.5 to 9.5  is excellent to cook with and enhances the flavors and texture of your food. Try it on your rice, you will notice fluffier texture!

Facial Toner - pH 6.0 for dry skin, pH 5.0 for oily skin. Rinse your face after cleansing with your cleanser. Use this in replacement of your facial toner. You can also store this water in a mini spray and keep it in your handbags as it also can be used as a mist to remove oil, sweat and sebum throughout the day. Pat dry with a facial cotton if needed.

Introducing: The Lydia Alkaline Water Ionizer
Model: Lydia 7

Cutting-Edge Smart Electronics
No other water ionizer communicates like the Lydia! It tells you the filter life remaining for the first and second filters. It tells you the water flow in the liters per minute. It displays the pH of the water as well as the antioxidant level (OPR). Personalized pH and antioxidant levels is also possible by programming the Lydia. You get water instantly by pressing the ON/OFF button. Easy and intelligent!

Water Cell - A Major Leap Forward
The Lydia has 7 or 9 patented (Patent no:10-0899762) slotted plates inside an enlarged electrolysis chamber, designed for power, precision and performance. EOS is the only water ionizer manufacturer with an exclusive relationship with the Hee Sung Metal Company, the top rated metal company in Japan. That's why we offer a 10 YEARS warranty on the Lydia's electrolysis chamber! Solid, flat plates, like those used in other water ionizers, have a major problem in that the electrical current flows around the edges of the plate, leaving the center of the plate mostly unused. Only EOS has solved this problem by offering patented slotted plates that effectively utilized the entire plate.

Certified Water Quality
16 stages of filtration & activation through 2 medical-grade filters ensure complete protection from contamination, bacteria and viruses.

Distinctive Features:
Superior Materials
The Lydia electrolysis chamber is made from the highest grade platinum and titanium from the top metal manufacturer in Japan. In additional, the Lydia also utilizes quality parts, leak proof stainless steel adapters and non-toxic food grade hose and plumbing. The Lydia is certified as a medical device by the Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea.

One-Touch Operation
No more messy tubes, no more tap diverts, just alkaline ionized water at the touch of a button!

Automatic Cleaning & Draining System
While most other ionizer make you wait as it cleans itself, the Lydia does this and more in the background! The Lydia also features an advanced 7 language voice prompt system.

Latest Power System
Utilized the latest transformer less design, the Lydia overcomes heat and stability issues associated with old  ionizer designs. It is also more energy efficient, saving the user electricity costs.

Stylish Design
Modern aesthetic look complements any kitchen. A must for house proud owners!

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