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Monday, February 22, 2016

GrabCar Drivers - Full time or Part time Jobs

Dear friends,

Hope who have his/her own car or name driver with car age below 6 years will available for above jobs.
But car age above 6 years above still available and need to go for GrabCar's inspection at Parking space CP3, Jaya One, The School, don't worry if you maintain your car in good condition it will be fine.

You can sign up the above jobs on your Android phone at Google by typing.... and fill up all the details. I-Phone user not available for the Application.

How did you hear about GrabCar? part Remember to chose on Referral from Driver ( See Yun Leong / WPS 105 ) or Referral code see39689 or ID: 233177. Then you sms/WhatsApp to 0162108102 because when you finished your 1st 10 trips i can share my bonus with you RM 50.00 when GrabCar reimburse the Bonus into my account, deal....

Tips on GrabCar Drivers:

  • Make sure you are ready for jobs only on for acceptance jobs, as it will reduce your acceptance rate, with 80% and above acceptance rate to enjoy the incentive Bonuses. You can check up your incentive at
  • Top up credit in your Grabcar Driver at e-pay at and chose Grab and register user and pay by your credit card and after finish the 16 digits code will appear and reloads in the apps.
  • If your customers use Grabpay, then it more easy to top up using Wallet, press the CASH OUT (Green Button) for Cash Balance (MYR) and it will straight a way top up to your Credit Balance (MYR). But remember min RM 10.00 only can cash out using CASH OUT option.
  • If you wish to change your phone no and phone, just need to download the GrabDriver App in the new phone n open the App and go to Setting bottom got Device Information and update to the Grab at 1300805858 so easy.

Update: 23.02.16 Starting from 1st March 2016, Uber Service Fee for all new partners to 25% from current 20% on all fare.

Means if the fare collected now RM 10.00, Uber Service Fee is RM 2.00 but new Uber partners register on 1st March 2016 will be RM 2.50 already, so don't miss this opportunity to register as GrabCar Drivers as it still remain 20% on all fare.

Happy driving.


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