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Friday, April 17, 2015

SQL Financial Accounting Software

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SQL Financial Accounting Software is so simple to be use and searchable by Voucher No or Date or Description or Cheque No or Amount. The best things are you no need to headache on the GST-03 calculations as it will generate for you just a few simple clicks. Can add 4 more companies under one license with the same address on the main Company register.

Here I wish to share some solutions on the SQL transactions.

To set BL tax code in suppliers for
  • service and maintenance on Motor Vehicle 
  • more details at GST-Blocked Input Tax (BL)
as the expenses are block input tax that that cannot be claim under the GST-03 submission.

Go to Supplier---Maintain Supplier---New---Tax---under the GST No:---BL-Purchases with GST incurred but not claimable.

By setting this BL tax code can minimised the wrong doing by ourself or junior accounts staff that accidentally put it under TX and claim under GST-03 when it due.

Official Receipts beside receipts from customers
Go to Cash Book Entry---New beside got an arrow press it and you will see Payment Voucher and Official Receipt.

Gift / Deemed Supply entries
Go to GST---Gift / Deemed Supply---New

As you need to create a new code (if new customer) in the Maintain Customer for the person you wish to give out the Gift / Deemed Supply because as per Gift Rules, gift or goods and services valued more than RM 500/year are subjected to GST-payable, so by input the Supplier code the system will monitor for you on the Gift Rule.

Cancelled Payment Voucher (PV) / Official Receipt (OR) due to cheque returns
Go back to which PV / OR entry you which to cancel---Edit---and tick at right corner got the cancelled box---and save the entry, so by doing this you no worry on last time entries what to DR or CR.
To double confirm, you can see the entry is in RED colour means being CANCELLED
Whereas normal entry is in BLACK colour.

Inter Company Transactions ( Group Registration)
For internal transactions (sales / purchases) that got Group Registration can put the tax code to GP for purchases and GS for sales between the related parties that register under Group Registration that is 0% GST

Upload Company Logo
Go to File---Company Profile---right click on the Logo box---Load---where the logo you keep it, but it better you save it to eStream---SQLAccounting---Share.

Issuing Tax Invoices
Go to Sales---Invoice---New
But before you can start, you need to set the Item code and Stock Group at Stock there.
After set the item code, if the Description not enough space, you can add More Description at the box beside Item code at the left hand side (as it will show Click here to show / hide / move columns) and tick the More Description.
For your information, if you issued invoice from Customer---Invoice, that format is for normal invoice before GST as it just got Invoice only not Tax Invoice. So your customer will request to issued Tax Invoice for them to claim back the GST they paid.

Run GST-03
Go to GST---New GST Return---Choose the date if you submit monthly so first submission is 01/04/2015 to 30/04/2015. And Press Process.
If after checking there were some mistake or Tax Invoices not yet take up into accounts and wish to add into April 2015 submission, then how?
Go to GST---Open GST Return---Right click on the GST Return - 01 April 2015 to 30 April 2015 and choose Delete. But advise not to use it frequently.
So make sure all Tax Invoices April 2015 already taken up and only Run the GST Return. As after you run it, all Tax Invoices in April 2015 cannot be input to April 2015 period anymore.

Submit GST-03 online at TAP
Go to GST---Open GST Return---Press the GST-03 button---3rd button (Comman)---GST03_TAP and export the file to your desire place.
Make sure your SQL Financial Accounting Version is up to date to Version 4.2015.746.711 or you can download it at
Then open TAP and login with email address and password
After sign in Go to MY ACCOUNTS and click on your Account id (12 digits no) then you will see the Period 30-April-2015 and 31-May-2015, So press the 30-April-2015 on File Now and will see the Import words on your right hand corner there.
Happy submission.

Thanks for sharing.


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