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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Checking status

Still owing Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasianal (PTPTN) can check your status here:

Check your saving in SSPN-i can check it here:

Still owing Income Tax (LHDN) can check your status bar from Imigration here:

check your motor vehicle expiring date here:

check your driving licence expiring date here:

check your summons with JPJ here:

check your PDRM summons with MYEG here:

If you wish to check/clear your status can send in CHECK PDRM I/C or Company No or DELETE PDRM I/C or Company No to 01112885539, thanks.

Friendly reminder on the listing for summons under PDRM:
  1. Kenwingston-907815-P-36 summons for WXD3180, WWQ3108, BLV8443, WA8031A,etc
  2. E-Rack-874809-U-1 summon for BLS6802
  3. Mobiweb-760405-K-1 summon for WYR965
  4. Lim Eng Leong-660126045161-2 summons for MBA697, ML5471
  5. Chan Chee Seng-000840028-U-8 summons for BEK9565, WDM229
  6. Alfa Hidraulik-866697-P-24 summons for KCP3888, WYC2999, WA333R, etc
  7. Great Carrier-710708-P-8 summons for PDA5684, KAE6679, BHS2019, etc
  8. Leon Fuat-082300-H-2 summons for WMJ377, BNH8888
  9. M.S.Auto-281555-M-5 summons for BKR1308, WJG3136, WHY1469, etc
  10. Maquip-160431-H-6 summons for WJE1944, WC5071Q, ACB6275, etc
  11. PHH Special-623873-D-21 summons for WTY6193, WUB6193, WYV6193, etc
  12. Top Slings-472538-H-13 summons for BML7826, BLG7826, BKK8853,etc
  13. Winzu-216551-W-11 summons for MBQ4067, WLQ32, WMM32, etc
  14. Yeowchuan-115605-T-1 summon for WDT7338

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