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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel Transportation Services & Others

Transportation services provided for locals or foreigners customer needs. Interested can contact Simon at 011-12885539 or e-mail to for details.

Kuala Lumpur to KLIA charges RM 100.00-120.00
Kuala Lumpur to LCCT charges RM 110.00-130.00

(Mid night charges add 20% during 12.00am to 6.00am)

Beside above locations, other locations within Malaysia booking also available depends on the schedule.


Hi business owners, who wish to round up their accounts for year end or currently, got back log on accounts or need someone to take care the accounts do let me know, in accounts line on Pharmacy, Contruction, Hand Phone business, etc more than 20yrs using UBS Accounting System, SQL Financial Accounting System too , I can provide the services, prefer around Cheras area or other place, can email: or call 011-12885539 for more details. Thanks.

For GST software, can call 011-12885539 or WhatsApp for more details on SQL Financial Accounting System. There no human intervention on the GST-03 submission as all the system will generate for you during the due date for submission on monthly, quarterly or half yearly.
And it flexible to search items by date, Voucher No., Description, Cheque No. and Amount too....
Can search from reports to the start entries. User friendly when you see the demo. Can download the demo from

Benefits for accounts up-to-date:-

  1. Better positing on the business-you can know the business is making or losing money.
  2. Get facilities more easy if your business is making money-can get OD facilities or credit card.
  3. LHDN declaration as a good tax payer.

Updated on 13/04/2012


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