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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Online Survey

Dear member, Do you wish to get more points? Sure you have many Internet friends, friends, family and colleague at the era of the Internet, invite them to join one of us! Every success recommandation will reward you bonus points, there is no limit with it, it is better to have more! Every month, we will reward to 100RMB to those who recommand the most within the month. Wish to get it? Let's join the team to recommand, we waiting for you! Tell you some ways to recommand: MSN, QQ, Skype, forum, blogger and so on. If you wish to get more point through this, then you can coorperate with our SEO, we will provide more chance for you to get more points and exchange for cash!
Beside, every member know that we will have a lucky draw every week, Recommender is Priority Draw. So the more recommandation, then you will have more chance to win more~
Your recommended: (click to copy)
Fill in your recommended mailbox, we will then invite him, if your friends registered via e-mail the link, you will get bonus points, please be sure to comply with membership rules!
For those interested can register on above link id=1279713 so I can get some points also. Thanks for sharing your time with me.
Well wish to share with you all that my 1st 500points redemption records, it true only you need to do more survey if you got the time and changes.

Exchange time Name Exchange rewards Consumption points Approval Status
2012-05-12 Pamela 10 MYR 1000 Check Passed
2012-05-12 Joyce 10 MYR 1000 Check Passed
2012-05-12 See Yun Leong 5 MYR 500 Check Passed
2012-05-12 jess 5 MYR 500 Check Passed
2012-05-12 Nur Izzati Yusof 10 MYR 1000 Check Passed
2012-05-12 Kuan Saw Peng 5 MYR 500 Check Passed

Welcome, Yun Leong See

PayPal balance: RM3.78 MYR

  • Available balance in MYR (primary): RM0.00 MYR
  • Total balance (all currencies, available and pending) converted to MYR: RM3.78 MYR
MYR (Primary) RM0.00 MYR
USD $1.26 USD

My recent activity - Last 7 days (May 9, 2012-May 16, 2012)

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May 14, 2012  Payment From
iPanel Online Market Research Co.,Ltd
Details Payment From iPanel Online Market Research Co.,Ltd 3M3747872P6148246Issue refund $1.62 USD      


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