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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cameron Hills Eco Park Low Risk Eucalyptus Plantation Project Phase 3

For introduction as below:-

Project Owner: East Green Plantation Sdn Bhd (EGPSB)
Co Developer: Koperasi Proit Malaysia Bhd (site:
Project Location: Approximately 40mins from Cameron Highlands
Master Title: PT5620
Type: Agriculture lands
Local Authority: District of Gua Musang, Kelantan
Project Size: 4981.6 acres
Permitted Crops: Oil Plam, Rubber and Cash crops
Tenure: 60 + 30 years
Commencement date: 09/05/2011
Main access road & Clearing land: By EGPSB
Clearing date: 6 months upon signing planter's agreement
Right to transfer: Consent from EGPSB
Yearly fees: 1st to 8th years RM 420 per year, 9th to 22 years RM 440 per year & 23rd to 60th RM 480 per year
Term of payments: Booking fees 10% of selling price. Sign the planter agreement and settle the balance 90% in 14 days.
Cameron Hills Eco Park Sdn Bhd (CHEPSB) site: or

 Dear investors below are the Project Plans;-
Updated on 30/07/2012.
  1. Purchase 60 + 30 years plantation right over the plantation land
  2. Purchase Eucalyptus Urograndis seedling & lease the land for 6 years
  3. Plan 1. & 2. above

Plan 1 - Purchase 60 + 30 years plantation right over the plantation land

  • Purchase price per acre including access road, land clearing & terracing, legal fee & stamp duty is RM 60,000.00. (History price at 14/07/2012 was RM 50,000.00). Minimum purchase is RM 15,000 for 1/4 acre but need to pay around RM 500 for the administration expenses, legal fee & stamp duty charges.
  • The purchaser can expected to receive RM 600.00 (History price at 14/07/2012 was RM 500.00) rental income per month for 6 years and further 12 years extension. As the plantation plan can work for 3 cycles as each cycle takes 6 years.
  • The purchaser can enjoy free share from our Wholly Owned Company by My Group Inc ( Listed on OTCBB, USA) back to back means RM 60,000.00 for 60,000 units of My Group Inc shares for security and hold for 1 year period. As now the price for the share at USD 0.20 per share means there will RM 36,000.00 security on hand. ( USD 0.20 x RM 3.00 x 60,000 shares ). As you can check up the pricing at
  • The projected price increase per acre after 6 years is RM 240,000.00 ( average RM 30,000.00 per year, RM 30,000 x 6 years + RM 60,000.00 ) as launching time on 01/11/2011 RM 21,000.00 per acre and now 28/07/2012 RM 60,000.00 (History price 01/07/2012 RM 50,000.00) about RM 39,000.00 for around  9months only already increase about 185%,  so don't miss this opportunity and leave the boat behind you. At here I wish to THANKS to Mr Loh and Chong that interested on the above projects and hope we can get more investors in the project too. If the projects you are in got good returns in the future do remember to treat me a cup of Coffee Bean will do.
  • The purchaser must sign 2 agreements:-
  1. 60 + 30 years Planter Agreement with EGPSB (as Project Owner)
  2. 6 years Lease Agreement with CHEPSB (as Project Management Company to pay monthly rental)
Latest news, as I went for the Seminar on 28/07/2012 at Hotel Maluri 11.00am updates from our MYGP Cameron Hills Sdn Bhd, Marketing Director Mr Danny Tan said Phase 2 SOLD OUT and now we are selling Phase 3 at RM 60,000.00 per acre. (History was on 14/07/2012 at Hotel Maluri 2.00pm updates from our CEO Dr Tan said once the Phase 2 ( 200 acres ) SOLD OUT, the next Phase will increase by RM 10,000.00 per acre). So don't miss this investment opportunities and left the boat behind you. For oversea investors also can grab this opportunities but the pricing will be higher a bit RM 60,000.00 per acre or USD 18,540.00 per acre or your wish to become our Master Agent at your country also welcome to email me for details at or contact 016-221 0659 Simon See.

    Plan 2 - Purchase Eucalyptus Urograndis Seedling & Lease the land for 6 years

    • Purchase price for 1,000 trees (3 months old seedling) including planting cost, fertilizer, transportation and 6 years management fees is RM 30,000.00 (excluding 6 years rental at RM 600.00 x 72 months = RM 43,200.00). Minimum purchase is 40 trees at RM 1,200.00
    • The investors can expect to receive RM 300.00 per month for 1st 3 years from yield of eucalytus essential oil. ( RM 300.00 x 36 months = RM 10,800.00 or 12% per annum )
    • At the end of 6 years the investors can estimate to receive net earning around RM 76,800.00 where the calculation as ( 250m/tan (estimate harvest 1 acre at 1,000 trees) x RM 600 per m/tan (contracted harvest price with buyer) less RM 30,000.00 (20% management fees) less RM 43,200.00 (6 years rental paid by CHEPSB)
    • After receiving the final payment, the investors can choose either to discontinue the investment program or continue with the payment of RM 15,000.00 management fees for another 6 years (maximum is 18 years or 3 cycles)
    • The investors must sign agreement with CHEPSB (Project Management Company)

     Why we plant Eucalyptus ?

    Eucalyptus is in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. Usually it takes the form of a very large tree and some is low shrub. The fast-growing tree can reach more than 100M, is the world tallest tree. There are more than 700 species of Eucalyptus, mostly native to Australia.

    Many species of eucalyptus from Australia and Brazil had been planted in Malaysia. The plantation at Cameron Highlands at altitude of 400m to 1,500m above sea level with temperature ranges of 12 to 23C is a good plantation location.

    The leaves are used to produce essential oils, antiseptic, repellent, bio-pesticide etc. Most importantly Eucalyptus is a good source of timber. It is also the common source for pulpwood (for paper & hardboard making), plywood, hardwood charcoal, etc

    The investors can expect 12% guaranteed rental return per Annam for 6 years from the purchased land and around 330% from timber yield after 6 years.

    Cameron Hills Eco Park

    Cameron Hills Eco Park is located in Ulu Kelantan, only about 40 minutes from the Cameron Highlands. There are approximately 1,300 acres of land located at 1,000m - 1,500m from sea level. The highland climate between 17C to 24C is excellent for planting cash crops such as vegetable, flowers, mushroom,etc. There are another 3,700 acres of lands located from sea level 500m - 1,000m which is good for permanent crops, rubber, agar wood (gaharu), castor oil plant, etc

    In order to achieve a holistic development for this piece of land, the basic infrastructure will be provided by East Green Plantation Sdn Bhd. Koperasi PROIT Malaysia Bhd will spear head in other development such as 1 Malaysia Clone Rubber Plantation, Herbal charity Farm, Taiwanese Agro R&D Center, Mushroom Farming, Organic Fertilizer Factory, Organic Farming, Cold Storage Warehouse, Agronomy Center, Eco Tourism, Codycep Farm and Agarwood Farm.

    Investment Opportunity

    Today's Cameron Highlands is extensively developed. Agriculture lands are very limited and the price is extremely high. The selling price for leasehold land per acre is currently selling at RM 500,000 and the freehold land is selling for more than a million per acre. furthermore it is rare to spot small parcels of land for sale. Many farmers in fact are cultivating on expensive rented land (from RM 400 to RM 1,000 per month). we are widely aware the substantial quantities of Malaysian food supply are still depending on import from Thailand, China, India and other countries and the demand is increasing yearly. Hence it is a great opportunity to be an entrepreneur and investor in agriculture.

    Koperasi Proit Malaysia Berhad

    KOPERASI PROIT MALAYSIA BERHAD is a cooperative registered with the Suruhanjaya koperasi Malaysia (SKM). Founded in February 2009 and was approved with the registration number of W-6-0498. The principal activities of our cooperative is in agriculture and aquaculture sector. Until the 2nd annual general meeting (AGM), the number of registered members is total of 650 members with paid-up share capital of RM 650,000.00. At the 2nd AGM, a total of 15 new board members were elected for 2011/2012 session.

    Koperasi Priot Malaysia Berhad - Background

    Koperasi Priot Malaysia Berhad was registered in February 2009 under the Malaysia Society Act 1993. It is administered by a board consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and seven members of the board. In line with our objectives, we implement various economic activities and projects for the welfare and benefits of members. Our core business is in agriculture. We seize opportunities emerging in the agricultural industry and create value for our members and stakeholders through excellence in performance and application of Blue Ocean Strategy. Our strategic initiatives, activities and projects are geared towards delivery enhancement of the Government's Economic Transformation Program, and improvement of local and indigenous people's livelihoods whilst increasing our national food security.

        Still updating later. Thanks for your time reading, if you need more details can contact me at 011-12885539 look for Simon See, if cannot reach just drop me a mail at or sms will do, I will try my best to serve you.


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