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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Business Plan

Well in future business planning, as we work so hard for living but in returns we just got what we can spends and no other savings. So we must think for the future and next generation if you wish.

Okay I am planning to set up a business on oil palm plantation or maybe can be joint venture with others who wish to do in the same business, if got any joint venture in Udang Galah I also interest too.  I am thinking why all boss not thinking about their employee benefits, as they work hard in day and night for your business in returns they got nothing.

So hope my business can be on and I will take care all my employees as best as my family. So as budget capital for the business around RM 50-60K, so any one got the business plan wish to joint venture or wish to share with me can email to

Will update on the status. Thanks.

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