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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

See Family Tree

Hi, just wonder how many people there can say out their grandparents and grade grandparents name out in a second. As this things being pictures in my mind when I remember some sweet time with my grandfather at our small orchard farms at hometown, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Let start counting it now, if some of our See family that I miss out do let me know at or sms to 011-12885539. Thanks for sharing your time with me here.

Grandfather : See Kam Choi (Got 4 sons 3 daughters)
Grandmother : Lee Choi Lan

1st son my father : See Tuck Wong (DOB: 10/11/1951) Got 1 son and 1 daughter
Mother : Tam Sau Kheng (DOB: 11/08/1952)

Me : See Yun Leong (DOB: 04/05/1977) Got 2 sons
Married with : Tan Mei Ying (DOB: 02/04/1976)
Son: See Wing Kit (DOB: 19/05/2005)
Son: See Jun Yin (DOB: 30/04/2007)

Sister : See Wai Mun (DOB: 05/04/1981)
Married with : Tian Wai Lum (DOB:04/04/1974) Got 1 son 1 daughter
Cousin sister: Tian Zhi Rou (DOB:09/12/2007)
Cousin brother: Tian Ee Young (DOB:30/04/2009)

2nd daughter : See Yau Meng
Married with : Lee Kok Leong (Got 1 son 2 daughters)
Cousin sister 1 : Lee Choi Wan (Wan)
Cousin sister 2 : Lee Pei Teng(Teng)
Cousin brother : Lee (Siew D)

3rd son : Seen Tuck Hing (Got 1 son 2 daughters)
Married with :
Niece 1 : Seen Wai Kee
Nephew : Seen Kar Fai
Niece 2 : Seen Wai Yean

4th daughter : See Yau Peng

5th son : See Tuck Wai (Got 2 sons 1 daughter)
Married with :
Nephew 1 : See (Alvin)
Nephew 2 : See (Kelvin)
Niece : See (Elin)

6th daughter : See Yau Leng (DOB: 30/12/1964)
Married with : Yap Ping Choon (DOB:22/01/1959) Got 1 son 1 daughter
Cousin sister : Yap Yeng Thong (DOB: 05/01/1989)
Cousin brother : Yap En Hao (DOB: 07/01/1991)

7th son : See Tuck Lee (Got 1 son 1 daughter)
Married with :
Niece : See (Suky)
Nephew : See (Vincent)

To be continue 10/05/2012

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